Due to the fact that the «ExpertFloor» flooring underlayment became really popular among our customers, “Interior Expert” Ltd. decided to extend its assortment and start selling a new environmentally friendly underlayment of clear polystyrene, which is laid under the floor heating.

Underlayment like this turned out to be a necessity for our customers, because air circulation is much stronger with the floor heating, so an ordinary underlayment might have a negative influence on people’s breathing organs.

The «ExpertFloor Thermo» underlayment becomes especially necessary in the rooms where floor heating is the main source of heating.  Special holes in the underlayment’s upper layer enable even spreading of warm air. Despite of numerous holes for the air circulation, this underlayment perfectly keeps its density, elasticity and necessary amortization and levelling properties.

The «ExpertFloor Thermo» underlayment has the thickness of 3 mm, which helps to pass the required amount of heat and simultaneously keeps the floor warm after the heating season is over.

«ExpertFloor Thermo» has a lot of advantages:

  • Made of ecologically clean polystyrene
  • New ecological formula
  • No dyes or additives
  • Exended exploitation durability
  • Load resistance
  • Easy cutting, minimum work when installing
  • Special holes enable even spreading of warm air
  • Eliminates inequalities up to 2 mm

Perfectly suitable for

  • laminate flooring
  • parquet board
  • other types of floors with heating