21st class

Rooms for temporary or not regular use (dressing room, utility room)

31st class

Rooms for temporary or not regular use (reception, conference room)

   22nd class

Rooms for regular, but not very intensive use(bedroom, children’s room)

  32nd class

Rooms for regular use (offices)

   23rd class

Rooms for regular and frequent use(kitchen, dining room, corridor)

   33rd class

Rooms for intensive use (shop, gym)

What is laminate flooring

Laminate – is a contemporary substitute of parquet. HDF-board of high stability degree is used as a basis for this flooring, on which the decorative layer with pattern that imitates the surface of wood or stone is applied. The upper protective layer is made of special wear resistant film of melamine or acrylic resin. This layer protects the construction from mechanical, chemical and other external influences.

     Advantages of laminate flooring:

  • excellent appearance;
  • diversity of patterns;
  • perfect corrlation „money=quality“;
  • environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic;
  • hygienic (easy to clean);
  • simple installing;
  • impact resistance;
  • resistance to scratches and cracks;
  • resistance to stains;
  • resistance to chemicals;
  • abrasion resistance;
  • prolonged load resistance (pressure, jam);
  • resistance to UV light, burns (light resistance);
  • heat resistance (heat resistance, resistance to cigarette ash);
  • thermal conductivity (can be used with the floor heating).