In 2016, the assortment of the company was enriched with a very interesting product – the three-layer parquet board Focus Floor. This product is made by the KARELIA & UPOFLOOR concern, which belongs to the Kährs Group. This concern owns several factories situated in Finland (4 factories), Sweden, Russia and Romania.

The Focus Floor brand was created on the basis of already existing three-layer parquet board decors by Karelia and Upofloor. Only the most popular and modern decors made of oak and ash in different variations, covered with both lacquer and oil, were chosen for the Focus Floor collection. The product line consists of 28 colors of full-plank and 3-strip designs.

At the same time, the quality of Focus Floor is identic to the quality of the main brands: it has a thick upper layer (3.5 mm), automatized manufacturing minimizes a human factor influence, and factories use only certified wood and high-quality chemistry. The manufacturer achieved such a low price by optimizing its expenditures:  brand premiums, absence of expensive processing and choosing of only popular decors for the collection (optimization of logistic expenditures).

Advantages of the Focus Floor parquet board:

• made by a world-famous concern KARELIA & UPOFLOOR

• wide color range, different types of covering

• quality control on all stages of manufacturing

• automatized manufacturing minimizes a human factor influence on the product’s quality

• using of only high-quality chemistry

• middle layer is made of the northern pine trees, which, thanks to being grown in severe climate conditions, have small annual rings, so are less prone to extension when changing climate conditions in comparison to the analogs

• the bottom layer is made of solid veneer

• the PRO UV protection prevents color changes under the sun light up to 70%

• UV-oil penetrates the structure of wood and increases resistance to moisture while allowing the wood to breathe

• unique manufacturing process: first the lacquer or oil are applied, and the lock is cut out only after. Thanks to this unique feature, there are no height differences between the planks. Most manufacturers do it vice versa, so there might be a visible difference between the planks or junction of the boards

• plywood inserts in the lock increase its tensile strength and help to cut it more accurately

• optimal correlation of strength and elasticity of lacquer (on the one hand, it is strong and wear resistant, on the other hand it doesn’t crack when the wood expands or narrows)

• most decors (with the exception of the matt ones) are covered with lacquer with increased gloss (35 %), which makes even the classic oak look more sophisticated.

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