Parquet board

Parquet board is an innovative type of flooring made of natural wood. Usually it is a three-layer (sometimes a two-layer) construction, and thus is perfect natural flooring for your house. A three-layer parquet board has the following structure:

  1. Protective lacquer or oil coating. Usually is has several layers.
  2. The upper layer of the board. It is made of wood of valuable species and is the only visible layer of the board, defining the look of the floor.
  3. The middle layer provides the strength of the board. Only hard species of spruce or pine trees are used for this layer. It consists of bars, placed perpendicularly to other layers.
  4. The bottom layer. The function of this layer is stabilization of linear parameters. It is usually made of spruce or birch plywood with the thickness of 2 mm.

Flooring like this can be laid with two methods: floating and full gluing. Simplicity and speed of installing are among the advantages of the first method. After a while, the flooring can be dismantled and relocated, for example, to the country house. Completely glued board, on the other hand, gives the sense of stability and comfort of moving.

Each manufacturer of parquet board defines the time of service life of his product (may be 20 years and longer). This applies primarily to the strength of the lacquer coating and the number of grinds that this flooring can withstand. For example, parquet board with the working layer of 4 mm can be grinded up to 5 times. If you carry out his procedure every 5 years and remove 0.5 mm of wood every time, your parquet board can serve up to 20-25 years. For the parquet board with a thin upper layer grinding is not provided.

You need to know the criteria of the parquet board in order to choose a perfect one for your interior.

The first thing you need to decide on when choosing the parquet board is the desirable color of your floor. After that you can select the sector of wood species, which correspond to the chosen color range. Then, based on the properties of the species, you can pick the wood you find the most appropriate.


Parquet board designs can also differ – the number of rows of strips that form the upper layer of the board.

Three-strip design – neat strips in three rows perfectly convey the elegance of plank flooring. Prices for this flooring are only a little bit higher than the prices for high-quality laminate.

Two-strip design – there are only two rows of strips. Flooring like this imitates the large format parquet.

Full-plank design – the upper layer is represented by only one big wooden strip. Flooring like this does not look much different from massive parquet, while the prices for full-plank parquet board are pretty high.

Designer parquet board is a board with unique design and unusual wood processing (artificial aging, crude sawing, cross-cut of wood, aluminum inserts along the strips with decorative elements of contrast material which look like nails). These aesthetic accents make the interior look extraordinary and stylish.

Every design is special. For example, it is better to lay the three-strip board in small rooms in order to make them look bigger, while full-plank board will look more harmoniously in big rooms.


Selection of wood depends on how each plank responds to a number of criteria: the presence or absence of “points”, knots and sapwood; color homo- or heterogeneity; radial or tangential sawing.


There are two types of coating: lacquer and oil. They differ both by the look of the flooring and its exploitation characteristics.


Parquet board with the lacquer coating is protected from scratches and stains. The degree of this protection depends on the quality of lacquer, its additional properties and application features.


Parquet board covered with oil is a perfect decision if you would like your floor to look natural. Oil enables to preserve the natural beauty of the wood: both its color and texture. You can locally restore the flooring with the oil coating.

Price of the parquet board

Besides of the manufacturing process, there are three main factors that influence the price of the parquet board:

Wood species. European species are cheaper than rare exotic ones.

Selection of wood. Elite parquet board of the selected sorting is more expensive than the rustic one.

Design. Manufacturing of the full-plank parquet board of certain sorting needs more expensive materials than the manufacturing of three-strip one, which is why the prices are different.

Manufacturer. Choosing a manufacturer must be the most complicated task. It is very easy to get confused by all the numerous manufacturers and really difficult to choose a reliable company. Just remember: the price for the parquet board is not formed randomly, but is based on the expenditures for its manufacturing.

Our advice: With the limited budget it is better to sacrifice the selection and choose a more reliable company than loose the quality and buy “selected” wood from the manufacturer you do not trust.

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