In 2016, the Focus Floor full-plank parquet board collection was enriched with the PRESTIGE product line. On the contrary to the classic full-plank decors, the boards of this line have the width of 188 mm with the v-groove V2 (with the exception of ETESIAN WHITE).

The PRESTIGE line has 4 positions in existing colors – CALIMA, ETESIAN WHITE, BORA and KHAMSIN, as well as a newly presented in full-plank design SANTA-ANA Oak, which was only a 3-strip decor before.

Besides, due to the numerous customers’ requests, the KARELIA & UPOFLOOR concern decided to extend its assortment of classic oak designs and add a new one – LIBECCIO HIGH GLOS Oak with high degree of gloss. Despite of new trends, which tend to matt decors, LIBECCIO HIGH GLOS Oak remains very popular, while additional degree of gloss makes the interior more sophisticated.

In addition to this, we did not forget about the customers, who would like to save money without having to compromise with the quality of the product. That is why we created a STORM WHITE MATT Oak, which is made on the base of one of the most popular decors – the OSTRO WHITE Oak. Lower price is caused by the application of white matt lacquer on the Robusta Oak, which perfectly conveys live and natural structure of wood and helps to create a unique interior.

 All the novelties are already available!