Nowadays Ukrainians are paying more and more attention to the materials used in their flooring, usually tending to environmentally friendly ones.  “Interior Expert” Ltd. supports this trend and offers a new type of flooring underlayment, which is installed with a “floating” method – the environmentally friendly underlayment «ExpertFloor» made of clear polystyrene.

Unlike similar types of polystyrene underlayment, which already exist on the Ukrainian market, «ExpertFloor» is made using a new ecological formula without dyes and additives, what can be seen from its snow-white color.  By its characteristics, this underlayment is identic to the polystyrene products, in which food in the supermarkets is wrapped. So when you put this underlayment under laminate flooring or parquet board, you can be sure that it will not be harmful to your health or cause any foreign smells in your room.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of sellers who want to get as much money as they can, while neglecting their customers’ health and offering flooring underlayment of green, yellow or other colors. In underlayment like this, harmful additives are being hidden with the help of different dyes. The worst type of flooring underlayment is the one of dirty grey color, which is made of secondary raw materials and waste. Besides of being harmful, this underlayment is less durable, even though it costs only 1-2 UAH cheaper.  At the same time, «ExpertFloor» has the same price as colorful underlayment.

“Interior Expert” Ltd. is calling on all progressive Ukrainians to use the «ExpertFloor» underlayment – a new ecological product for your floor – and take care of your health.

Moreover, the «ExpertFloor» underlaymen  has a lot of advantages:

  • Made of ecologically clean polystyrene
  • New ecological formula
  • No dyes or additives
  • Extended exploitation durability
  • Load resistance
    • noise insulation 25 dB +/- 1 dB
    • thermal insulation of 0.0172 W / (mK)
    • thermal conductivity of 0.033 W / (mK) +/- 7%
    • eliminates inequalities up to 2 mm
  • Easy cutting, minimum work when installing

Perfectly suitable for

  • laminate flooring
  • parquet board
  • other flooring types

Thicknesses available: 2mm, 3mm, 5mm.