Plastic baseboard SAN DECOR Comfort
is available in 24 colours.

Profile length – 2,5 m, height – 55 mm, width – 21 mm.

  • Baseboard SAN DECOR

  • Connection

  • Inside angles

  • The end of the left and right

  • Angles external

  • Universal box for socket

Honey Oak
Vendor code: 202

Singed Oak
Vendor code: 203

Colmar Oak
Vendor code: 204

Cortina Oak
Vendor code: 205

Milk Wenge
Vendor code: 206

Northland light
Vendor code: 207

Vendor code: 209

Girona Chestnut
Vendor code: 210

Kant Oak
Vendor code: 211

Bourbon Dark Oak
Vendor code: 212

Vendor code: 214

Vendor code: 215

Oristano Oak
Vendor code: 217

Colonial Oak
Vendor code: 218

White Ash
Vendor code: 221

Dark Oak
Vendor code: 222

Vintage Oak
Vendor code: 224

Vendor code: 225

Trend Oak
Vendor code: 228

Nostalgia Oak
Vendor code: 229

Finley Oak
Vendor code: 232

Tarbak Oak
Vendor code: 233

Grizzly Oak
Vendor code: 234

Elegant Oak
Vendor code: 235


  • Quick and easy installation
  • Doesn’t require dismantling when gluing wallpapers or painting the walls – just remove the top of the plastic baseboard before work
  • Sizable cable channel for installing communications


  • Baseboard system enables installing even on uneven walls while maintaining ist functionality
  • Baseboard is made of high quality raw materials, which gives it flexibility and durability


  • The junction line of the top and bottom parts stays invisible, which makes the baseboard look more aesthetic
  • Natural colours of the baseboard makes the interior sophisticated and more aesthetic
  • Wide range of colors makes it possible to choose the baseboard for various floor coverings